Fragile World, an inspirational feature film from the makers of Leaving Limbo, centers on  Rosalie, a lonely interior decorator with a history of delusions who falls for a dashing stranger who may or may not be real. 

Awarded Best Feature Film at HolyWood of New York and the Glendale International Film Festival (where it also took Best Director and Best Actress), the 

story ponders the depths of human loss, the fragile framework of the human mind, and the road to emotional and spiritual healing.

Like the Bruce Willis film, The Sixth Sense, and Nicole Kidman's The Others, only with a religious note, 

Fragile World is something you’ll find you have to talk 

about once the end credits are played.

- Dr. Fred Eichelman

Request a Screening at your Favorite Theater

(To screen the film at your church, go here: Church Screening License)

We’ve partnered with, a “Theater-on-Demand” platform that lets individuals, groups and organizations request personalized movie screenings in local movie theaters all across the country.

The process is simple: you – the “Promoter” – pick the date, time and two local movie theater possibilities (completely done online in a couple of minutes). Then Tugg will reserve one of those theaters and create a personalized Event Page for your screening.

Then it’s up to you (hence, the “Promoter”) to spread the word to let folks know the screening will only take place if enough tickets are reserved to meet the “threshold” before the deadline (one week before the screening). Once the threshold is met, your screening will be confirmed, and you can sit back, enjoy the show, and receive your “thank you gift” from Tugg (5% of the ticket sales). If the threshold isn’t met, no one will be charged, and the screening will be called off. Simple as that.

Once people start reserving tickets, you’ll be able to use this wonderful blue button at the top of your Event Page labeled “Message Followers” to encourage them to help spread the word through what Tugg calls “peer-to-peer engagement,” eliminating traditional marketing costs.

Tugg takes care of the logistics, including all communication with the theater from reserving the space to providing them with the film. You’ll only need to work with your Promoter Point Person at Tugg. We’re also here to help make your screening event a success.

To quote a past Tugg Promoter: “One word … confidence. The confidence to walk into any theater knowing that the content was delivered, tested, and ready to go.”

Besides 5% of ticket sales and hosting a fun & meaningful movie event, wonderful Promoters receive additional *perks,* including:

- Optional Fundraising for a charity or church/ministry. People can donate right on your Event Page, so even if they can’t attend the screening, they’ll still have the option to contribute.

- Small Business Promotion, for yourself and those you recruit to help sell tickets. You’ll have the opportunity to speak to introduce the film and talk about your businesses, as well as the option to set up a table to distribute materials. Some theaters even allow you to sell merchandise.

- Stress-free Hosting, from the usual work that comes with throwing a party. No cooking! (Can I hear you say, “Concession stand”?) No set up! No clean up! No renting a projector/screen!

- The opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life, as the Lord uses the film for His glory.

Just go here to request your screening:

Tugg Event Request Form

For an overview of the process:

Tugg Promoter Walkthrough

If you have any questions, contact the Tugg team at [email protected]. Also feel free to contact us.

Thank you so much for your prayerful consideration!